to Lambs Creek at the Pioneer Grill and Saloon! Nestled along a creek bed at the base of a large hillside, you will find one of the most unique disc golf experiences Wisconsin has to offer in an exotically quaint package. We also serve some of the tastiest comfort food that is comfortable for your wallet – check out our our menu to complete your Lambs Creek experience. The adventure awaits!

Lambs Creek @ Pioneer Grill at Disc Golf Course Review
Ranked #6 in the US by Disc Golf Course Review! “What a great idea, a fun, challenging course located at & owned by a bar and grill. Awesome. Grab a beer, play this course and you’ll understand the true meaning of zen.

In total harmony with Mother Nature, Lambs Creek is laid out in an undisturbed natural setting along a creek bottom of mature trees and native ferns. The flora’s canopy provides for a naturally air conditioned feel in the hot summer months. With some challenging steep grades and innate obstacles, each round you play will never be the same. Watch for the keepers of the forest…deer, eagles, rabbits and an abundant amount of squirrels and other small game are sure to befriend you. Whitetail deer are frequently seen quenching their thirst in the peaceful creek. Relax and enjoy yourself in a quiet picturesque environment.

Lambs Creek has been designed by Disc Golf Course Designer Jason Hendrickson from Menomonie, WI. The layout for the course has been developed for Red level players based on PDGA Course Design Guidelines and Standards. This 9 hole circuit has a course length of 2,098 feet with a par of 30. Due to the fantastic terrain, the course is given a moderate to high rating for physical effort but is easily enjoyable by players of all skill levels.